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Wedding Entertainment Experts

Wedding DJs Based in Rigby, ID – Serving Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, & Utah

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Entertainment Planning & Coordination

Wedding DJ

Master Of Ceremonies

What You Get

  • Excellent Music that Fits YOUR Vibe
  • Stellar DJs
  • Passionate Masters of Ceremony (MCs)
  • Meticulous Entertainment Planning
  • Top-of-the-line Sound & Lighting
  • Free Wedding Planning App
  • Smooth Entertainment Coordination
  • Unforgettable Memories
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How Much?

Let’s talk pricing. We’re a little different than most DJ companies. We don’t charge per hour and we don’t charge for the equipment we need to take care of your day. 

When we quote you, we’re all in. We’ll be there as long as you need us with no overtime fees (seriously, none). We’ll bring all the equipment necessary to run everything from the beginning of your ceremony to the end of your reception. You can choose from 2 tiers depending on your budget and vision.

The only extra fees are travel and special effects (anything above standard lighting). Those specifics are usually discussed during our planning meeting so we can recommend what will work (and what won’t work) for your vision.

Tier 1

Wildfire DJs


  • Entertainment Planning & Coordination
  • DJ
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Planning App
  • All Day Performance
  • Top of the Line Equipment

Tier 2

DJ Chris


Everything a Wildfire DJ includes, plus:

  • Founder & Owner
  • Voted Best DJ in Idaho
  • 20+ Years of experience
  • Advanced MC & Mixing Techniques
  • Love Stories

Q & A

Although some of our services border what planners do, we can’t (and don’t want to) replace the amazing work they do. We love working with planners (and we’re told that they love working with us). We specialize in entertainment planning and coordination. We focus on the transitions from one event to the next, what each moment looks emotionally (and how to get the most out of it), how to bring the energy up or down throughout, etc. Some planners also take this into account, so when we get to work with them, it’s a solid team.

Planners have told us (over and over again) that they love working with us because we communicate extensively and can make adjustments seamlessly (like if we need more time for photos, for example). Not to get too deep, but everything at a wedding is entertainment for your guests, we plan so we can be more intentional about it. 

We’re either all in, or not at all. We don’t know how to give less at a wedding. We are yours for the day. We don’t charge extra to run your ceremony. We don’t charge extra when the party is going strong and we stay later than originally planned. Everything we include allows us to do our best work and we wouldn’t want to give you any less. 

None. We include everything you need in our price when we quote you. Having said that, there are a few extra services available if you want to go above and beyond with lighting, or we need to travel. But for everything you need, extra charges = nada.

We have a number of different lighting and effects options including coldsparks, uplights, tube lighting, lighting trees, and moving lights. You can check them out in more detail here: Enhancements!

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