Coldsparks are the WOW factor! These are typically used during your first dance or your send off, however they can be used in any way you please. We’ve even used these at the end of a ceremony!. Make sure to verify with the venue that they allow these, we’re happy to contact your venue on your behalf (in fact, we prefer to contact them so we can discuss any technical restrictions they have). These come in packs of 2 and we have 4 available (depending on the date).


$500 / 2

Moving Lights

If you’re looking to add a ton of energy and elevate your dance party, moving lights are the way to go! We have a variety of options here, so let’s discuss what will work best for your vision in your venue. These can also be used to literally light you up for your highlight dances so your photos. This will even make the photos from your guests look phenomenal.


$300 / 2

Uplighting, Tubes, & Lighting Trees

Adding color and ambience can really set the tone in the room and these options are great at doing just that! Uplights are fantastic for lighting up walls and setting the color in the room without the fixtures standing out. Tubes add a great visual aspect and are a unique and elegant way to add excitement during a dance party. Lighting trees are great at lighting up a dancefloor. Let’s discuss what will work best for your vision and venue.


Uplights: $25/each

Tubes: $150/4

Lighting Trees: $150/each