Wedding Messages

We collect text messages, voice messages, and pictures from your guests and provide you with them after your wedding so you can remember your day in a personal and unique way for years to come.

Yelena Tsioma Photography

It gave me a glimpse into how much fun our guests had and how much they loved being there, which makes my memories of the day even better–I didn’t think that was possible!

– Amanda Mulvaney

  • Guests Send Messages

    Your guests will send pictures, text messages, and voice messages to us on the day of your wedding and up to 24 hours later.

  • We Organize Them

    We organize your photos & messages in an easy to view format.

  • We Send Them

    We'll send them to you as a USB drive, CD, or link to view them online.

Questions & Answers

What if I already have a photographer?

This service doesn’t replace a photographer, and it’s not meant to. Professional photographers capture important moments and turn them into breathtaking pictures. Wedding Messages lets guests capture the smaller, candid, moments from their perspective.

This service also includes text messages and voice messages. It’s an incredible experience to listen back to these heartfelt (and sometimes silly) messages after your wedding in their own voice!

How will I get my messages after the wedding?

We’ll send you a USB drive, CD, or send you a link to access them online. It’s up to you!

How much does it cost?


Brides say that after they saw the texts and pictures, and heard the voice messages from their guests, this price was extremely affordable. In fact, couples say that reliving those moments through these Wedding Messages was invaluable!

How will my guests know what to do?

We hand out simple instructions to your guests and answer any questions they have about the process. There are no apps to install, all they have to do is text or call.

What if I already have a DJ? Can I use this service by itself?

Currently it is only being offered as an add-on service to our wedding entertainment packages.

Why can’t I just have my guests text me?

You could, but it gets a little overwhelming when guests text you 100+ pictures during the wedding & reception. Everything we do is focused on letting you be in the moment so you can remember them later.

It’s also difficult to collect and organize all of those pictures, text, and voice messages. Our process has simplified all of that so you can easily view them after your wedding. It’s one less thing that you have to stress about!